Research Domain Mentorship and Sponsorship Workshop

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Research Domain Mentorship and Sponsorship Workshop

October 22, 2020 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am EDT

If you wish to attend this session and would like the Zoom information, please contact Caroline Sasser to be added to the invite.




Join us for an workshop on mentorship and sponsorship for researchers within PharmAlliance, hosted by Her Research Matters.



  • To facilitate interactions and discussions between researchers within the PharmAlliance, which includes diverse teams from all career stages
  • Scope interest, potential benefits and barriers to implementation of a cross PharmAlliance mentoring program.



The session will begin with a short presentation by panelists from each PharmAlliance partner (5 min each) which summarises their current mentoring programs and how they champion and sponsor upcoming researchers. A moderator will compare and contrast the approaches. Participants will then be sent to one of five breakout rooms composed of a mix of career stages from the different PharmAlliance partners. Each breakout group will be given a series of questions to discuss about the potential value of mentoring within PharmAlliance and how a mentoring program could be established and maintained. Each breakout group will elect one speaker. All groups will be returned to the main room and the speaker from each group will summarise their suggestions and findings to the whole group. The moderator will summarise and compile the findings (e.g. using the whiteboard function in Zoom).



Timing of session:

Moderator: 5 min introduction

Panelists: 15 min discussion of mentoring programs and sponsorship at each site

Moderator: 5 min to compare and contrast approaches

Breakout room discussions: 15 min

Summary of findings: 10 min


Moderator: Estelle Suys

Speakers include:

Professor Rebecca Ritchie

Professor Herb Patterson

Dr. Mine Orlu


October 22, 2020
6:00 am - 7:00 am EDT
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