PharmAlliance is a unique international strategic partnership between three global leaders: Monash University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University College London; in pharmacy education, professional practice, research and students domains.


PharmAlliance members are also committed to making a difference through this collaborative effort to pursue complex problems in the field of pharmacy that address the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.


The PharmAlliance partners will work collaboratively to inspire and train tomorrow’s professional leaders and practitioners to transform education delivery and address major research challenges in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. Innovative ideas that have the potential to impact institutions, the profession, and society that could not be pursued effectively by one institution alone will be collectively pursued by the PharmAlliance institutions.

Core Values

The PharmAlliance Governing Board will embrace and uphold the Core Values of the PharmAlliance, which are the following:

  • We are committed to excellence in all of our collaborative pursuits.
  • We understand the power of a multidimensional and sustainable alliance, and how it enables our partnership to pursue solutions for major challenges in our field.
  • We agree to pursue endeavours together that have the potential to create a large impact within our college/school/university, the profession, or society, which could not be as effectively pursued by the Alliance members individually.
  • We pledge to work together in the spirit of trust, cooperation, integrity, transparency, inclusion, empowerment, honesty, and friendship while accepting the challenge of working collaboratively on Grand Challenges of the pharmacy profession and healthcare.
  • We agree that while we may pursue other partnerships and collaborations as part of our day-to-day activities, where appropriate, we will always consider the Alliance members as the “first port of call”.
  • We are steadfast in our desire to make a difference through our collaborative efforts, and to pursue complex problems on behalf of the interests of underserved and vulnerable populations.


We welcome inquiries from external organisations, groups, and companies who may be interested in working with the PharmAlliance. Email us for more information (Monash University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University College London).

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