The PharmAlliance Practice domain represents a wide spectrum of activity from professional education and the study of pharmaceutical outcomes to advocacy and policy. The Practice Domain reports to the PharmAlliance Governing Board and provides general advice on all professional matters.


The Practice Domain leadership currently comprises four Chairs (one lead*) and two Deputy Chairs This working group structure and flexibility is consistent with the structure of all Domains supporting the overall mission of PharmAlliance.

Prof. Simon Bell
Monash Chair

Dr. Sachi Ozawa
UNC Chair
Dr. Yogini Jani
UCL Co-Chair

Dr. Sara Garfield
UCL Co-Chair
Dr. Jenni Ilomaki
Monash Deputy Chair
Dr. Denise Rhoney
UNC Deputy Chair
Dr. Pinkie Chambers
UCL Deputy Chair


  • To identify high-impact, transformative opportunities that require collaborative effort in contrast to work that can be accomplished by a single institution or individual
  • To participate in collaborative, high-impact scholarship that can transform practice and create policy amidst changing healthcare needs
  • To foster professional growth (faculty and workforce) in creating, evaluating, and disseminating best practices in pharmacy
  • To engage and collaborate with professional associations and organizations that are aligned with the advancement of pharmacy practice. Foster collaborative efforts in the study of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical outcomes.

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