The PharmAlliance Practice domain represents a wide spectrum of activity from professional education and the study of pharmaceutical outcomes to advocacy and policy. The Practice Domain reports to the PharmAlliance Governing Board and provides general advice on all professional matters.


The Practice Domain leadership currently comprises a Chair and two members from the other partner universities. This working group structure and flexibility is consistent with the structure of all Domains supporting the overall mission of PharmAlliance.


  • Foster collaborative efforts in the study of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical outcomes.
  • Contribute to workforce development through student and professional educational efforts at each institution and globally.
  • Serve as an inclusive platform and resource for faculty and staff engagement who may be interested in one or more aspects of pharmacy practice, policy, and profession.
  • Develop innovative approaches to pharmacy services development, delivery, and evaluation that have the potential to influence pharmacy practice worldwide.
  • Identify areas of strategic opportunity that take advantage of institutional and individual level strengths and capabilities across each institution.

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