PharmAlliance Domains

The success of PharmAlliance in the fields of research, education and professional engagement and students – and its international impact – will be a direct result of the activities and outcomes conceived and driven by the individual Domains.

The Domains will be the “engine-room” of PharmAlliance by leading, conceiving and implementing their respective projects and programs. Initially, there will be three Domains supporting the overall mission of PharmAlliance.

Each Domain will comprise one “Domain Lead” member from each partner University. The “Leads” will decide which one of them acts as the Domain Chair. It is assumed that additional staff can be co-opted into the Domains for advice and contributions as needed on an ad hoc basis. Membership of the Domain will initially be a for a 2-year period.

The Domains, through the Chair of each group, will be responsible to the PharmAlliance Board – this will include regular reporting against objectives, project proposals recommended for financial and other support to be assessed by the PharmAlliance Board, and other initiatives in the field of responsibility.

To generate momentum and tangible progress for PharmAlliance – there will be a focus on achievable plans and progress within a 6 month time horizon (e.g. regular VTC/TC discussions to develop scope/content of the subject matter; written plans and objectives; and appropriate stretch objectives for the relevant PharmAlliance activities).

The Chair, on behalf of the Domain, will be responsible for initiating and scheduling meetings; coordinating the development of a workplan with short and medium term objectives; setting up separate working groups (if appropriate). Opportunities for face-to-face meetings should be explored (often in conjunction with other planned travel or meetings), and some funding for travel will be available upon approval of objectives and workplans, etc.

The four Domains are:

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