Research and Enterprise

The Research Work Group will report to the PharmAlliance Board.  It will provide general advice to the Board on research matters.


  • Facilitate development of collaborative research teams at Monash, UNC and UCL that usefully leverage collective expertise.  Research topics might include, but are not limited to: nanotechnology, drug delivery, anti-infectives, paediatrics, geriatrics, drug transport, counterfeit medications.
  • Promote applications from cross institutional research teams to the PharmAlliance Investment Fund for project and collaborative activity development.
  • Coordinate scientific meetings of Monash, UNC and UCL faculty to discuss research.  
  • Coordinate a central register of conferences, visits and research collaborations across Monash, UNC and UCL.
  • Identify unique and significant infrastructure to facilitate research collaborations between Monash, UNC and UCL.
  • Explore options of collaborative graduate research programs such as the possible establishment of a Doctoral Program or shared program content, designed to strengthen the quality of PhD graduates.
  • Work closely with related PharmAlliance Domains to facilitate staff sabbaticals and placements and mini-sabbatical opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs).


The Research & Enterprise Domain currently comprises a Chair and two members from the other partner universities, but may be expanded as required.  This working group structure and flexibility is consistent with the structure of all Domains supporting the overall mission of PharmAlliance.

Chris Porter (Chair)

Kim Brouwer

Ahad Rahim

Additional staff may be co-opted for advice and contributions as needed on an ad hoc basis.

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