PharmAlliance provides a community platform for working together on big ideas and solutions that will improve human health around the world. This partnership is for faculty, staff, and students who want to improve global healthcare through innovation in pharmacy education, professional practice, research and student collaboration.

Mission: To cultivate and pursue innovative ideas with a focus on big problems and opportunities that member institutions could not address alone

Vision: To transform pharmacy education, practice, and research worldwide

Structure: PharmAlliance consists of four working domains: Research, Education, Practice, and Student, each with a designated leader from each of the three schools. Domains report to the leadership group (domain leads + deans or directors), under the direction of the school deans or directors. Additionally, there is one postdoctoral fellowship funded at this time (July 2019 – July 2021) to facilitate project and partnership development.

Logistics and meetings: PharmAlliance partners meet routinely, both virtually and in person. Such in-person meetings are often planned to coincide with widely attended international conferences to facilitate participation. Additionally, PharmAlliance hosts two independent, annual events: Graduate Student Research e-Symposium and PharmAlliance Week. The PharmAlliance leadership group has monthly calls for updates and idea discussion.

Grant funding: PharmAlliance member institutions each pledged $500,000 USD in grant seed funding over five years to catalyze collaborative projects to fulfill our mission and vision. PharmAlliance funds travel grant requests (up to $10,000 on a rolling basis), and larger projects (up to $50,000 or $100,000 per an annual application cycle).

Scholarship: PharmAlliance collaborators contribute to the international scientific community through publication, joint product production, and presentation. Aside peer-reviewed journal articles, commentaries, and conference presentations, PharmAlliance collaborators have developed online learning modules, a student leadership course, curriculum guides, and text book chapters.

Student and faculty exchange: The PharmAlliance partnership encourages and supports exchange of faculty and students among member institutions. With over 75 graduate and professional student exchanges to date, the partnership is committed supporting discovery and exploration for emerging leaders in pharmacy and pharmaceutical research.

Core Values

  • We are committed to excellence in all of our collaborative pursuits.
  • We understand the power of a multidimensional and sustainable alliance, and how it enables our partnership to pursue solutions for major challenges in our field.
  • We agree to pursue endeavors together that have the potential to create a large impact within our college/school/university, the profession, or society that could not be as effectively pursued by the Alliance members individually.
  • We pledge to work together in the spirit of trust, cooperation, integrity, transparency, inclusion, empowerment, honesty, and friendship while accepting the challenge of working collaboratively on Grand Challenges of the pharmacy profession and healthcare.
  • We agree that while we may pursue other partnerships and collaborations as part of our day-to-day activities, where appropriate, we will always consider the Alliance members as the “first port of call”.
  • We are steadfast in our desire to make a difference through our collaborative efforts, and to pursue complex problems on behalf of the interests of underserved and vulnerable populations.

PharmAlliance actively promotes and contributes to the following ten principles and activities:

  • The understanding that all worthwhile activities within the sector are, directly or indirectly, ultimately of benefit to the patient.
  • The exploration and exploitation of similarities and differences between the institutions and their professional demographics, and the identification of opportunities to promote excellence that arise from those considerations.
  • The identification and sharing of best practice in all spheres of activity and management within and beyond the individual institutions.
  • The promotion of future leadership in younger scientists and personal development for existing staff by encouraging and supporting exchanges and training programmes, including undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral, and staff exchange programmes in a number of formal and informal guises.
  • The contribution to global healthcare issues via positive engagement with organisations and initiatives more local to the Alliance members and their collaborators. Such a contribution would include research, education, and engagement with leadership at all levels to elicit positive change.
  • The promotion of educational excellence at all levels via sharing of resources and best practice within the Alliance but also via dissemination of materials and practices to the pharmaceutical and related communities so as to contribute to patient wellbeing via enhanced professional competence, provision of appropriate new programmes, and healthcare promotion.
  • The promotion and support of research excellence to bring about real change to patient wellbeing via world leading basic, applied, and translational research.
  • The support of entrepreneurial and translational activity so as to ensure full exploitation of research excellence to patient benefit.
  • The engagement with pharmacuetical and relatied professional bodies so as to promote best practice and encourage sharing of ideas between the continents.
  • The identification of ad hoc opportunities to bring about positive change and the coordinated structuring of responses to those opportunities.