Near-term Structure

The Board will consist of the heads of all three schools and up to two appointed institutional representatives at the discretion of the appropriate dean/director. Ideally, one of the representatives should also serve on the appointing college/school’s executive committee. The chair of the Board will rotate annually among the heads of school.

The ‘near term’ Board will communicate on a monthly basis until the governance and operations of PharmAlliance are more fully defined and structured.  Part of this structure will involve the development of Domains in the following areas: research, education, and professional engagement.

Permanent Structure

Once PharmAlliance reaches a steady state level of development and ongoing activity, the structure of the Board will evolve into a 9 person board with three representatives from each institution: the head of school, a member responsible for global operations/activities, and an additional member from each executive committee or from the wider faculty. The board will meet on a quarterly basis and the Chair of the Board will still rotate annually among the heads of school.

The responsibilities of the Board include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Provide leadership, guidance and direction on the development of the PharmAlliance.
  • Facilitate and enable collaborations among students, postgraduates, faculty, and staff.
  • Disseminate and share information on best practice in research, education, practice, and business operations among other areas.
  • Review and critique collaborative funding proposals.
  • Engage key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Monitor the funding provided by each institution.

In addition to the Board, it is planned to establish an External Advisory Board, which will serve the purpose of providing an external perspective on the direction and activities of the PharmAlliance. Each school will nominate two representatives to serve on the advisory board for a three year term. Advisory board meetings will occur every 18 months.