In the fifth PharmAlliance funding round, a total of 14 project proposals were submitted for consideration. Following careful deliberation by the Research and Enterprise Working Group and the Deans Group, four grants totaling $226,102 USD were awarded. Congratulations to the following successful individuals:

Michael Wolcott (UNC), Denise Rhoney (UNC), Jacqui McLaughlin (UNC), Amanda Olsen (UNC), Kayley Lyons (Monash), Steven Walker (Monash), Terry Ng (UCL), and Satinder Sembi (UCL) for their proposal: Anything grows: Design of an intervention to promote a growth mindset across PharmAlliance institutions

Cornelia Landersdorfer (Monash), Jenni Ilomaki (Monash), Gauri Rao (UNC), David van Duin (UNC), Roger Nation (Monash) for their proposal: Big data approach analysing clinical and genomic data combined with in vitro pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling: Towards precision therapy for life-threatening infections

Nicolas Voelcker (Monash), Alexander Kabanov (UNC), Joseph Nicolazzo (Monash), Tommy Tong (Monash), WingYin Tong (Monash), Bo Peng (Monash), Elena Batrakova (UNC), Marina Sokolsky (UNC) for their proposal: Screening of EVs as natural nanocarriers using a B3-chip

Matthew Todd (UCL), William Zuercher (UNC), and Susan Charman (Monash) for their proposal: A PharmAlliance Consortium pioneering a new approach to antibiotics discovery

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