The 2023 PharmAlliance Graduate Research E-Symposium was held over two days and featured 23 speakers from PharmAlliance schools. Presenters were scored on content, organization, and delivery. Scores were averaged and a composite score was calculated. Out of 23 presentations, our first and second place winners were separated by a mere 0.25 points! We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s event:

 First place: Ameya Chaudhari (UNC) for his presentation: High-Throughput in vivo discovery of organotropism of surface modified exosomes

Second place: Brigid McInerney (Monash) for her presentation: Psychotropic adverse drug event monitoring tools for use in long-term care facilities: a systematic review  

We would also like to congratulate out our highest scoring UCL presenter, Effrosyni Alexandrou (UCL) for her presentation: Revealing the detail in i-motif DNA structures.


Hailing from Mumbai, India, Ameya completed his bachelor’s in chemical engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai. Motivated by his passion for advancing biomedical research, Ameya pursued a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Duke University. Currently, Ameya is pursuing his doctoral studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill, where he works under the guidance of Professor Juliane Nguyen in the Department of Pharmacoengineering and Molecular Pharmaceutics. His research focuses on enhancing the therapeutic potential of exosomes by engineering them to deliver cargo to specific tissues. Current exosome-based therapeutics are limited due to delivery challenges, and Ameya’s research aims to change that.

Brigid is an Australian pharmacist with extensive experience in the care of older people in community, hospital and residential care settings. She is a PhD Candidate with the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety at Monash University in Melbourne, working on psychotropic adverse event monitoring in the nursing home setting. Brigid is also currently employed as Assistant Deputy Director of Pharmacy at Monash Health. She is grateful for the opportunity to share work completed in the first year of her PhD with the PharmAlliance community, and is looking forward to subsequent projects and their meaningful impact.

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